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2017 BQYC Keel Boat Race Results

2017 Cups and Flags Results

Series A

A1   A2   A3   A4   A5   A6   A7  

Series A Final Results

Series A + B Overall Results

Series B

B1   B2   B3   B4   B5   B6   B7

Series B Final Results

Club Championship Results

Trenton Race   WLL+1    PHRF

Burrows-Hospice  (not run in 2017)

B of LE

Pursuit Race

Challenge Cup

Canada Day

Braidwood (not run in 2017)

Wills Cup

Round The County

Robb Cup

Katie Gray


Ladies Series

L1   L2   L3   L4   L5   L6-Distance

Course Race Results

Ladies Club Championship  Results

Sailwave Logo

Fleet Captains Series


Overall Results


Frost Bite  (renamed Heat Stroke!)

FB1   FB2   FB3   FB4  

Frostbite Results