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BQYC Membership Volunteer  Hours

BQYC Membership Policy States: Volunteer Hours as a Part of Membership
For our Club to run efficiently and effectively we require all our members to commit to volunteering in and around the club. Below are the requirements of volunteering as a part of membership and a list of some of the opportunities. Of course lots of Members far exceed the requested hours and for that we are very appreciative. Each Member is asked to: 

  1. Commit to 5 hours of volunteering throughout the season.
  2. Either find a volunteer opportunity or ask a Board member or committee lead for ideas on how to best help out.
  3. Record and submit their own volunteering hours until 5 hours or more are achieved.
  4. Use Google Form - Membership Volunteer Hour on the BQYC website.

The list of volunteer opportunities is long and growing all the time. Below is a small sample of
some opportunities.

  • Helping with work-bees, hospitality, construction/deconstruction, grounds maintenance, house maintenance, etc. 
  • Committee work
  • Nomination for Board positions
  • Attendance at AGMs and SGMs
  • Learn-to-Sail and training programs within the Club
  • Organizing potluck and other special events

Note: mandatory activities for members who store their boat/mast/cradle/trailer on the grounds do not count towards volunteer hours (Lift-in, lift-out, Cradle moving, grounds clean up day).  These activities are expected as part of winter boat storage.


You can submit up to 5 volunteer hour reports in one submission.

Click here to fill out Volunteer Hours Form