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Paddle Boards and Kayaks

Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals

BQYC has 2 kayaks and 2 stand-up paddle boards (SUP) that can be rented by a member or a guest of a member for $5 per hour.  The cost for the rental will be charged to the members' account.   The watercraft are meant for use in the Bay of Quinte and not meant to be towed or taken away from the club on a members boat.
There are some changes to note for this year in line with COVID-19 precautions

1) We will not be taking reservations for the equipment - it will be on a first come first serve basis.

2) We are asking you to bring your own life jacket and whistle.  If you must use a club life jacket because you do not own one, please place it in the recycling bin when finished so it can be taken out of circulation and disinfected.

3) Spray touch points like paddles, locks, dock lines and hand holds with sanitizer before and after using the equipment.  A bottle has been left by the rack.

4) Signed waivers (once per year) will need to be dropped off at the bar before you are given the location and combination to the locks for the equipment.  The bar has copies of the waiver as well that can be signed.  There are specific rules on the waiver for minors please read them carefully if you are including them on the form.  Waivers for minors who are a guest must be signed by the minor's parent or guardian. Once the signed waiver is on file at BQYC you are free to use the equipment at any time. 

5) Get an appropriate paddle -- double ended for KAYAK and single ended for SUP
6) Launch it at the Gin Pole Dock.  Please pay special attention to the fin on the underside of the SUP.
7) Have fun!
8) Once you are done please return the equipment to the proper locations and lock it up.​​
9) If the bar is open when you finish your activity, stop in and let them know what equipment was used and the duration.  If the bar is closed at the time you finish your activity please email what equipment was used and the duration so they can add the rental charges to your account .

Here is a brief introduction video on how to use a SUP.

How to use a SUP Video