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2018 Eastern Ontario Shark Championship

Bay of Quinte Yacht Club is thrilled to host the Eastern Ontario Championship on June 23 and 24th.

Great White, Spinner, Mako, Tiger Niles, Rub-a-Dub, Unicorn, Sea-Diddy, Airush, Cordon Bleu, Vertigo, Stress Relief, Paradox, Bullet, and Grey Hound all welcome you to our club with plans for good winds and flat water sailing.

Sailing, dinner, post-race pizza, and prizes for one low Entry Fee of $130.

Play an instrument ?  Bring it along for Saturday night.

Contact Info:  (Peter Aker / Steve Macklin)

Shark1     Notice of Race

Shark3     Sailing Instructions and Attachment A

Shark4    Results

Shark 5    Photos